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You can help CAFÉ MUNDI financially by making a one-off donation. This will enable us to continue and extend our social sustainability projects.

If you would like to collaborate on a specific project, let us know by filling in the box at the end of the questionnaire. We will ensure your request is undertaken.

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NB: Café Mundi will forward a direct debit to your bank account. Please be sure to inform your bank or building society.

Thankyou for support! Your contribution will go to socially sustainable projects in coffee-producing countries.

Donations and/or contributions are tax-deductible to 25% (companies 35%). Between March and April each year we will send, to an address provided by you, a certificate detailing your contribution to be included with your income tax return (or corporate tax for companies). Please remember that it is necessary for us to have your tax reference number / company tax code, as well as your current personal details. To update your details please call 91 125 04 00 or write to

In compliance with Law 15/1999, of 13 of December 1999, on Data Protection with regards to personal details, we inform you that all data provided by you to us shall be entered in an automated file, owned by the Café Mundi Foundation, which will be processed exclusively for the abovementioned objective. Personal details shall be treated with the appropriate degree of protection, by taking all security measures required in order to avoid their unauthorised alteration, lose, processing or access by third parties, for purposes other than those for which they are required.





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