What is Café Mundi?

CAFÉ MUNDI is a foundation created in July 2004 by a group of coffee companies.

The objective of the CAFÉ MUNDI FOUNDATION is to improve the living conditions of coffee communities through the creation of infrastructures and mechanisms which help fight poverty.

Using their knowledge of coffee producing countries, these companies started an aid programme for these coffee communities.

By embarking on this project companies assume a supportive responsibility, which is the basis of the project.



2004: The Café Mundi Foundation is established.

2005: Together eleven coffee companies form Café Mundi. Collaboration begins on a project.

2006: Café Mundi collaborates on four projects.

2007: A twelfth company joins Café Mundi.

2008: Three more companies join Café Mundi, bringing the total to 15. Café Mundi collaborates on 8 projects.

2011: Café Mundi se encuentra formada por 13 patronos y está llevando a cabo 11 proyectos.